Soluciones de muro de vídeo

Datapath are a leader in control technologies for creative multi-display video walls, small- to medium-scale video walls in business environments, and command and control rooms of any scale.
We provide high-end scalable video wall and AV over IP solutions. Datapath focuses on three principal categories: command and control; commercial applications; and creative solutions.
Our video wall controllers are used in a variety of different areas such as traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications and entertainment settings.

Video Wall

What is a video wall?

A video wall is any large visualization surface made up of multiple display units. Sometimes referred to as a wall display or even a “wall of monitors”, the aim of these systems is to make the output across the multiple screens appear as one seamless image.


Explore Video Wall Displays by Application

Salas de Control

Gracias a su última plataforma completamente integrada, Datapath sitúa al operario en el centro de las salas de control.

Muros de Vídeo para Centros de Seguridad

Nuestras soluciones de seguridad flexibles permiten incorporar cientos de fuentes para monitorizarlas en tiempo real.

Muros de Vídeo Industriales

Diseñados desde el principio para ofrecer una fiabilidad permanente y facilidad de uso.

Muros de Vídeo Comerciales

Los controladores de muro de vídeo de Datapath ofrecen un alto nivel de flexibilidad y fiabilidad, tanto para salas de reuniones empresariales como para los sistemas digitales de señalización.

Comercios, Eventos y Experiencias

Nuestra consolidada gama de soluciones multipantalla produce contenido de alta calidad que se distribuye a través de varias salidas, en cualquier configuración creativa imaginable.


What is possible with a video wall?

The bespoke nature of a video display wall combined with the intelligent video wall software available from Datapath means just about anything is possible. If you can think up a way to use your video wall, we can help you bring it to life.

With modern screens ranging in size between and technology meaning they are constantly growing, size can be as big as you dare to dream. Application will play a big part in this. The location of a screen and how the user is consuming information will dictate the viewing distance.

For example, a video wall used in a security control suite where the control room operator is up close would need pixel density to be high enough to not see the individual pixels. They might go for a 4K video wall with 4 Full HD screens in a 2 x 2 setup. A retail front on the other hand is designed to catch the eye from a distance and so pixel count is less important.

Talk to our team now about the right solution for you.

Video wall application Breakdown

The most common markets we see video wall display solutions deployed in include:

• Control rooms
• Security suites
• Command and Control
• Meeting rooms
• Industrial settings
• Commercial spaces
• Retail Outlets
• Events, shows and experiences

Each market requires a vastly different solution as explored above, but the beauty of video wall displays controlled by datapath is that this is easy to implement. Based on the use, user and purpose a bespoke solution can be developed.

All you need is a video wall controller to deliver the content to screens. Speak to Datapath today about video wall software and solutions.